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Business Customer Registration

Invoice payment just got a lot easier for Sprint Voice and Private Line customers. Sprint Online Bill Pay is simple, secure and available at no cost to review your current bill. Efficiently manage your business account with this web-based system that sends you an email and links you to your monthly online invoice. Paper invoice suppression implied. Customers that are on "Bill By Mail" payment option will not receive email notification. If you need help registering call (877) 746-8505.

Note: Some Sprint customers may not be eligible to pay online due to their billing system.

To register, complete the following form and click Accept. All fields are required in order to successfully register.

Enter your bill name, including punctuation and special characters, and your customer number as it appears on the first page of your Sprint Long Distance invoice.

How do I find my bill name and customer number?

Required fields.

For the following section, your login ID must be 7-15 letters and may not contain spaces, underscores or special characters. Your password will be case sensitive and must be 8-32 characters. Also, the password must contain at least two letters and one number, and it may not contain six repeating characters.

** Customer care will call up and provide the password.

** I will receive the temporary password for this Login ID through letter notification from Sprint.

** I will contact the SOBP/online support group at 1-877-746-8505 to get the temporary password for this Login ID.

This following question and answer will be used to help confirm your identity if you need to contact Sprint for assistance with your account.

Terms and Conditions

Upon your acceptance of the following terms and conditions you will be provided with immediate access to Sprint Online Bill Pay.