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Use this page to sign up for Sprint Online Bill Pay. In order to register for this service, you need to have the Bill Name and Customer Number from the top of your Sprint bill.

bullet   Bill Name and Customer Number
bullet   E-mail address
bullet   Log-in ID
bullet   Password
bullet   Hint
bullet   NEW! - Hierarchy Registration
bullet   Sprint Network Manager (SNM)

Bill Name and Customer Number    Top
Enter these values exactly as they appear at the top of your Sprint invoice.

If your Customer Name includes special characters such as (.) (,) (&), please include them as they appear on your invoice.

If your Customer Number is less than nine digits long, please add leading zeroes to your Customer Number.

For example, if your Customer Number is 1234567, please enter it as 001234567, when registering your account.

E-mail Address    Top
Your Email Address may be used for services such as: 'Invoice Ready' notifications and as account identification in case you forget your Log-in ID and/or password.

Therefore, please be sure to keep your email address updated.

Log-in ID    Top
Your Log-in ID must be 8-15 letters in length. It may not contain underscores, spaces or special characters. Once you have registered, you will be required to enter your Log-in ID and password each time you login to Sprint Online Bill Pay.

Password    Top
Password is Case Sensitive and must be 8-32 characters. It must contain at least two letters and one number. Additionally, it may not contain more than six repeating characters (e.g., 'Sprint123')

Hint    Top
The purpose of the Hint is to help you remember your password if you forget it. Hints work best if they are related to your password; for example, if your password is 'Bernard1', your hint could be 'Big Dog', since a Bernard is a type of big dog. If you ever forget your password, just click on the "Get Your Hint" link to access your hint.

Hierarchy Registration    Top
If you are a Sprint business customer who takes advantage of Sprint's billing hierarchy to manage multiple Sprint accounts, you can now register for Sprint Online Bill Pay at the upper levels of your billing hierarchy. Use this to analyze your service with Sprint online and to register selected employees to view/pay your Sprint invoices online. The existing Registration page will allow you to register users on H1 & H2 hierarchy account.

Sprint Network Manager (SNM)    Top
If you are currently using Sprint Network Manager, please access Sprint Online Bill Pay from there. From Sprint Network Manager, select the Pay a Bill link to take you to My Sprint Account Manager. This provides SNM users with a single point of access for all your Sprint products.