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Invoice payment just got a lot easier for Sprint Voice and Private Line customers. Sprint Online Bill Pay is simple, secure, and available at no cost to review your current bill. Efficiently manage your business account with this web-based system that sends you an email and links you to your monthly online invoice.

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Product Features

  • View your invoice
  • Pay your monthly bill
  • Download your bill and call details
  • Itemize your statement to see discounts, taxes, and other charges
  • Analyze your payment history
  • Track expenses company-wide with simple accounting codes


  • Convenience. Save time and money by receiving and paying your bills right at your computer.
  • Productivity. Download your telecommunications statement to analyze at your convenience.
  • Expense Management. Monitor your usage for domestic and international Sprint Voice and Private Line services.
  • Pass-through costs. Download and appropriate in-office and Sprint FONCARDSM costs to clients, cost centers, or regional offices.
  • Easy storage. Save your downloaded bills right at your computer instead of in your file drawers for easy reference (and to save trees!).

How Does It Work?

Each month you will receive an email that directs you to a secure web page where you can review your current statement and the prior month's statement.1 When you register, you can choose from a variety of online payment options or even mail us a check. It's that simple.

You can even request invoices older than 2 months be mailed to you by contacting the account representative listed on your invoice. (There may be a nominal charge for this service.)

Most domestic customers are eligible for the Bank Account Easy-Authorize,postal payment options.

Is Sprint Online Bill Pay for you? Most likely it is. Your U.S.-based company is eligible if you utilize Sprint domestic and/or international Voice and/or Private Line services.

For more information about this application, please contact your account representative.

Check Your Computer and Your Browser

To help protect your account information, Sprint uses high security measures. Sprint Online Bill Pay system requirements include:

  • Netscape Navigator 4.72 or higher OR Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher. Your browser must have 128-bit encryption and be cookies enabled.
  • Processor: 80468/66 MHz and above
  • Memory: 8MB; Free Disk Space: 20 MB
  • WinZip is required for downloads

Payment Options

To make Sprint Online Bill Pay even more convenient, a variety of payment options are available to you:

  • Bank Account Easy-Authorize — Pay by requesting a check or automatic payment from your company's bank account
  • Online Checks — Pay with online checks from the Sprint Internet billing site
  • U.S. Mail — Simply mail us your check

Note: Some Sprint Customers may not be eligible to pay online due to their billing system or credit standing.

1 Customers that are on the "Bill By Mail" payment option will not receive email notification.

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