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View a Bill - Sprint Advantage Hierarchy Option (SAHO) Invoice Format
The SAHO invoice format is generally used by small to medium businesses. On paper it is presented in portrait (vertical) format. Your electronic bill is just like the paper bill you have always received, except now it's available sooner and there are many additional options to choose from. The 'View A Bill ' button includes an electronic copy of your invoice which is conveniently divided into tabs. You can review your account information at the level of detail that you choose, including Summary of Charges, Account Detail, and Call Itemization. If you have multiple accounts (services) listed on your invoice, please select the account number from within the Multiple Account tab. A download button is provided on each bill tab. You can open or save the information from each section for analysis with your favorite software package.

Bill Tabs
bullet   Summary of Charges
bullet   Multiple Account Summary
bullet   Account Detail
bullet   Call Itemization

Summary of Charges    Top
Shows the current total due on your bill.

Multiple Account Summary    Top
Click here to view summary information for all of your accounts. If you have multiple accounts (services) listed on your invoice, each account number will be reflected on this page.

Account Detail    Top
From the Multiple Account Summary, click on an account number (in red) to view the details of a specific account.

Call Itemization    Top
Click here to view the date and time a call was made, the phone number and location called, the length of the call, applicable charges, and the charging period. (The codes for the charging period are 'D' for Day or Peak Rate time, 'N' for Night or Off-Peak time, and 'E' for Evening or Off-Peak time.)